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The Story of Us

Want to know how and why we got started with a Mobile Food & Coffee Cafe? Then you’re in the right place.

How We Started

Passion has no age restriction.

Our story is more than unique. We didn’t start in a college dorm room, or a garage, or any specific space for that matter. Provisions Curbside Cafe started with a boy, just 14 years old, and his dream for his future.

Meet Noah Clark, our founder and proprietor.

When you meet Noah, it’s easy to see that he’s not like most kids his age. At the ripe old age of 14, while most of his peers were focused on gaming, Instagram and Snapchat stories, Noah was carefully and thoughtfully plotting his future. At that age, for many of us, it’s unclear what we want to do in our adult lives, but for Noah, there was never any question.

Noah knew he didn’t want just a job. With a deeply ingrained and undeniable Entrepreneurial spirit, he knew he wanted to start a business of his own. He also knew that he wanted to serve people in a way that would bring them joy and happiness.

Then, after attending Coffee Fest in Columbus, his vision became ultra-clear. That festival was the spark to an unrelenting passion and determination to start his own coffee business.

He immediately began working his plan, laying the groundwork for what would become Provisions Coffee Company and Provisions Curbside Cafe.

Lacking a driver’s license at 14, Noah turned to his sister, Katie, to drive him to countless meetings with small business advisors, business owners, bankers, accountants and potential locations.

And in less than a year, Noah turned his vision into reality with the purchase of a bright red, 14′ food trailer.

Even at such a young age, Noah demonstrated an understanding of the concept most adults struggle with … you don’t know what you don’t know. So, he got himself a job on the Fat Kid BBQ food trailer to gain insight into the workings of a premier mobile food service business, and saving seed money, all while gaining a mentor and friend in the process.

Under the direction of Daniel and Ashley Carnes, Noah learned the mobile food service business, literally from the inside out, from food prep and safety to administration and back office functions to maintenance and upkeep, all the while networking and making important connections of his own.

And that’s just where the story begins.

Picture this:

You have the passion, determination and vision to be your own boss. You have a business name. Check. You have a legally formed business entity and a valid vendor’s license. Check, check. You have a business plan, model, and funding. Check, check and check. You even have a 14′ mobile food trailer. Big check (the written kind).

Now at the age of 15, you still don’t have a driver’s license … ugh!

After all the months meticulous planning and work, one glaring obstacles threatens the whole venture … a driver’s license.

Mom becomes a superhero.

In order for Noah’s dream to become a reality, he needed help.  Cue Mom.  If Noah’s business was to get off the ground, his Mom, Nikki, would have to step in and help.  And to do that on such a scale, she had to make Noah’s dream her own.  So, like any amazing, superhero mom, she did just that, rocking the red cape and boots to match.

As a school bus driver by day, and soup, salad and sandwich savant by afternoon, Nikki stepped in, bringing all her superpowers: a selfless dedication to her children, plus her amazing recipes for soups, sandwiches and salads, and … the coveted driver’s license.

The Menu.

As a mother of 3, Nikki knew she couldn’t abide by a 15 year old’s dream menu of pizza, chicken fingers, candy and french fries.  She wanted to create something truly unique and satisfying.

Provisions Curbside Cafe needed a menu filled with fresh and delicious, crave-worthy choices, not fried or frozen.

While other big-brand “sandwich shops”offering a loaf of bread and a couple slices of meat, or exorbitant prices for half a sandwich and a cup of soup, the results are frankly dissappointing.  And it’s expressly that void that Provisions Curbside Cafe aims to fill.

With carefully planned and sourced menu items of delicious, fresh and hand-made options, Provisions Curbside Cafe offers fast food alternatives that are not only unique and satisfying, but food you can feel good about eating.

And with that, our story continues …

Who we are

We Are Family

For us, this is more than just a family business; it’s a love of great food, amazing coffee, and the joy those simple items bring to the people we serve. We’re grateful to be part of something that brings us all together; part of the experiences and memories made while sharing a meal. We like to think that our perspective is just as fresh as the food we serve.

Noah Clark

Noah Clark

Founder & Proprietor

Nikki Clark

Nikki Clark

The Boss

Katie Clark

Katie Clark

The Transporter

Ben Clark

Ben Clark

The Food Tester

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